Players are rewarded with WHEEL while playing, there are two different ways to earn WHEELs:
Beat Circuit Record: When you beat a time record you'll receive the daily reward of that circuit. Each track have 3 different time based awards.
Gold: 100 WHEEL Token.
Silver: 75 WHEEL Token.
Bronce: 50 WHEEL token.
Beat other players records: If a player can keep a track record for a period of 7 days (174 hours) he/she receives a big pot of 2000 WHEEL Tokens, also if he/she keeps the record for 30 days will get 10000 WHEEL Tokens.
Reward claiming system: Every WHEEL you earn goes to an internal wallet and can be claimed later. To have a sustainable game economy we implemented a tax system where a 70% fee is added when you want to claim your reward, this fee is reduced by 5% per day until it reaches 0%. This means if you want to claim your rewards the first day you'll pay a 70% fee, if you want to claim them the second day the fee is 65% and so until you reach 0% the 15th day.
Last modified 1yr ago