There is a total of 10 circuits available to play once a day, each track has different fixed times in order to achieve either its Bronze, Silver or Gold Award.
You'll be rewarded with WHEELs based on your achieved award.
Beginner Circuits: the first 5 circuits are the easiest ones, they have no restriction to play. This means you'll receive at least a bronze award from them even if your car attributes are not quite good.
Medium Circuits: you'll be able to play in medium circuits only if your chassis and engine were boosted to level 6 or more. There are only 3 medium circuits so far (planning to add more in the future). Rewards for playing in this type of circuits are greater than rewards from beginner circuits.
Advanced Circuits: last 2 circuits are for advanced cars only, to play here you need your chassis and engine to be level 10. Rewards obtained by advanced circuits are greater than rewards from medium circuits.